5 Landscaping Tips To Sell Your House In Martinsburg and Hagerstown

Curb appeal is what allows buyers to form that critical first impression of your house. And landscaping is a hugely important element of curb appeal. In fact, attractive, well-maintained landscaping can add up to 10% (or more) to the value of your home. So it’s worthwhile even if you hire professional landscapers. Either way, here are 5 landscaping tips to sell your house in Martinsburg and Hagerstown – because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

1. Get Rid of Dead Plants

Probably the first thing you should do in enhancing landscaping to sell your house in Martinsburg and Hagerstown is to get rid of all the dead plants. No matter how good the rest of your yard looks, those dead plants will be eyesores that draw attention. So pull up and replace dead shrubs and plants in beds. If you have any dead or bare spots in your lawn, reseed and fertilize. Even if you don’t have to time to replace dead plants, you’re better off getting rid of them than letting them stay and detract from what does look nice.

2. Lay Down New Mulch

Landscaping to sell your house in Martinsburg and Hagerstown also means putting down new mulch beds, especially in perennial beds. Flower beds can be a focal point, but no matter how beautiful the flowers are, if the mulch is old and dirty and faded, those beds can be a turnoff for buyers. New mulch, though, makes the beds look fresh and new, drawing a buyer’s eye with aesthetic appeal. If you are uncertain about the best mulch to use, consult your agent for some tips. (To find out more, just call 3017071678.)

3. Add Some Color

Green is good, but you need some color too if you want to sell your house inMartinsburg and Hagerstown. Accents that pop with color are the way to go. Make sure your lawn is its healthiest, lushest, and greenest, and then add the color to emphasize the lawn. You can add color with annuals in strategically placed plastic or terra cotta pots. Place these in the entryway, on the front porch, and along the driveway. Remember, though, that these are accents and highlights, so don’t go overboard.

4. Add Some Lights

Potential buyers aren’t, of course, very likely to view your home at night, but you never know when they’ll drive by at night to have another, clandestine look at your house. That means, then, that adding some lighting is an important part of landscaping to sell your house in Martinsburg and Hagerstown. Outdoor lamps and solar lights along a walkway or path are a nice touch. Small details like this matter to buyers. Spotlights to highlight and showcase certain areas at night are also a nice addition. You can get LED spotlights for under $30.

5. Fix Irrigation Problems

And if you have any issues with the irrigation system, be sure to fix those. These repairs can sometimes be fairly costly, and you don want buyers to think they’ll have to foot the bill. This, then, is another important aspect of landscaping to sell your house in Martinsburg and Hagerstown. It’s also a good idea to provide buyers information about the irrigation schedule if you have an automatic system. The more information you provide, the more they will feel they can trust you.

Potential buyers appreciate appealing, well-maintained landscaping and are willing to pay more for it. Studies have found that quality landscaping can add from 5.5% to 12.7% to the value of a home. So it’s worth it even if you have to hire professional landscapers. For more ideas on landscaping to add value and to sell your house in Martinsburg and Hagerstown, talk to your agent. Your real estate will know what buyers want in your area and can guide you accordingly.

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