Agent Hacks for Buying A House in Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town

Everyone is hacking these days. No, not coughing up a lung. People are finding ways to get the job done faster and more effectively with technology and smart systems. For a busy real estate agent helping clients buy dream homes, there are some hacks that can help save time while providing more value to your clients at the same time. Remember that hacks are not a substitute for doing the research and staying diligent in the process. These are value-added items that allow you to step up into being a great agent.

Helpful Apps

You are there for your clients. In fact, your cell phone is almost always by your side even though you might put it on do-not-disturb for the wee hours of the morning so you can sleep. Still, you are available 24/7.  Reduce the number of calls and emails by empowering your buyers. Have them download the Zillow app and the Homesnap app onto their smartphone. This lets them target areas and listings to get a better idea of where they want to live.

The nice thing is it also helps them to drive around and if they come across a home they like, the can snap a picture and Homesnap will give them details about the home and the areas. This way they can leisurely peruse the neighborhoods they are most interested in and get information immediately. Then reconvene with them to square away details like viewing appointments.

Expand Your Realtor Network

Knowing other agents from competitive brokerages is smart. This hack helps you get on the list for pocket listings. If you have active buyers, you want to give them every advantage to get the home of their dreams without extended bidding wars. Agents who have a strong network of other agents often send out listings for motivated buyers that haven’t hit the MLS yet.

This is a huge advantage for your buyers who reduce the number of eyes on the house. Plus the buyers realize the seller is motivated thus potentially likely to negotiate more freely. Work with other agents to find the opportunities before the hit the market. The bigger network that an agent has, the more chances he has of finding a jewel property before other buyers ever see it. Giving yourself the advantage and letting other realtors know you are interested in pocket listings puts you in the driver’s seat.

Require Pre-Approval

It’s exciting to get a new client but the last thing you need is to spend hours upon hours of your time with someone who can’t afford to buy the home they want. When you onboard new clients, develop an intake package that includes what their home desires are but also requires information from a lender for pre-approval

This way you can have the real conversation with clients at the beginning rather than when they are upset that they can’t get the house they love. Explain to them what the lender is saying they can afford and what that will really buy them in Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town . Go over options such as ready to move in and fixer-uppers to help them understand how the home will affect the loan. Some fixer-uppers have so much work that they don’t meet the appraisal need – this is something most buyers are unaware of. The proper onboarding process and client intake can save you a lot of time and frustration running around for nothing.

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