Make Sure You Do These 4 Things Before Putting Up a For Sale Sign in Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town

things before putting up a for sale sign in the front yardIt all seems so… well, so overwhelming. You’ve decided to sell your home in Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town , and there’s just so very much to do. And then there’s the emotional stress added to it all – you’re leaving the home you’ve lived in for the past several years. In such situations, though, the best course is just to begin.

So for a good start make sure you do these…

4 things before putting up a for sale sign in the front yard

1. Get All the Relevant Paperwork in Order

We don’t often look at it this way, but a modern home is a complex of (sometimes) intricate interlocking systems, from the plumbing to the wiring to the HVAC system to your appliances. And these systems with their machinery usually have attendant documentation.

Potential buyers almost always want to know about utility bills, maintenance schedules, and repairs. Having all the relevant paperwork on hand will make everything easier. Buyers can see documented answers to their questions, and you’ll have evidence to back up your statements.

2. Get Estimates for Repairs and/or Replacements

The buyer and his agent will, of course, try to get the best deal they can. And one thing they’ll definitely use for bargaining leverage is the obvious and necessary repairs and replacements.

If for example, your home needs a new roof, the buyer and her agent will latch onto that and try to get you to reduce your price by a large amount – often by too much. If, however, you’ve already gotten some estimates for a new roof, you can counter with a more reasonable reduction. Simply put, getting estimates before putting up a for sale sign will give you more negotiating power.

3. Get Rid of the Clutter

This may seem painfully obvious, but it’s not, really – because what may seem like treasures to you will just be clutter to a potential buyer touring your home. Even though nearly every realtor recommends de-cluttering and it is something that must be done before putting up a for sale sign, it may be easier said than done.

There are, however, two recommended ways to get this task accomplished. You can rent a dumpster and just start tossing, with the ease and speed mitigating some of the emotional pain. Or you can hire one of the many services that will come in and do it for you. And they’ll even haul it all away.

4. Make Minor Improvements Inside and Out

You can do a lot to spiff up the appearance of your yard and house just by making some minor, inexpensive improvements and repairs. It just takes a critical eye and a little elbow grease.

The obvious place to begin inside your home would be the walls. Filling holes, touching up paint, and maybe even repainting rooms will do a lot to help the appearance. Floors would probably be next. For hardwood floors, sanding and refinishing scuffed and scratched areas would be in order. Carpet should be shampooed or even replaced in smaller areas. None these things is very expensive but will do a lot to improve the appearance and saleability of your home.

Cutting the grass, pulling weeds, and removing branches would be a good start outside. It might also be a good idea, in appropriate areas, to plant flowers and do some mulching. And if you want to spend just a little more, you could hire a professional lawn service to really spruce up the looks of your lawn and landscaping.

Selling your Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town home can be huge and emotionally draining undertaking. But doing these things before putting up a for sale sign will help make it more manageable.


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