6 Ways to Create Excellent Curb Appeal In Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town

curb appeal

Every real estate agent, good or bad, will agree on one thing: curb appeal gets more potential buyers to your home and increases sale prices. First impressions go a long way and excellent curb appeal suggests a home has been cared for. Upping the curb appeal of your home doesn’t require a lot of money. Here are 6 ways to create excellent curb appeal in Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town .

Weed the Grass

Ideally, you don’t have weeds in the grass or anywhere else but if you do, take the time to get rid of them. If you can’t get it all done yourself, hire a yardman for the day to clear out weeds from the grass and around bushes and flowerbeds. Once the weeds are removed, spray to prevent more from popping up. Most realtors prefer having grass in the front because homebuyers react better to a green lawn even in geographic areas where drought resistance landscaping is popular. Keep the grass green and get rid of any pesky weeds as they pop up after clearing the area out. Maintenance takes some work but is worth it to sell the home.

Clean Windows and Screens

Remove window screens and clean them from grime and dirt accumulated over the years. Wash windows on both the inside and out. Make sure there are no streaks on the windows, allowing light into the home and a clean, crisp look from the curb. Clean up windowsills by sanding any rough areas and repainting window trims. You don’t need to repaint the entire exterior to give the outside a fresh update.

Trim Trees and Prune Bushes

Large trees and overgrown bushes look unkempt because they usually are. Some trees also pose a danger to roofs or neighbor fences. Trim trees to keep the beauty of a large mature tree that a family can see a tire swing on. Large trees might require professional trimming to ensure the branches are evenly cut and don’t create a falling hazard.

Prune bushes so they don’t cover windows and overflow over walkways. Well trimmed hedges help designate walk areas inviting buyers to the path of making an offer on your home.

Declutter Walkways and Entryways

Make sure yard tools, kids toys and yard décor is kept to a minimum. Just like decluttering the inside of your home, keeping a tidy yard is attractive and allows potential buyers to envision their life in the home, not yours.

Put sporting good items like bikes or golf nets away. If you can’t remove items from the area completely, get an outdoor storage bench to organize items as best as possible. Keep outdoor furniture organized and to a minimum as well.

Clean Gutters and Roof

People look at the house from top to bottom. A plant growing out of the rain gutter isn’t a great selling point. Clean out gutters from dirt, leaves and grime. Retouch the paint as well, adding to the fresh look of the window trim.

Remove leaves and branches from the roof. Most homes have certain areas that collect leaves. It’s good practice to keep the roof clear of debris regardless of selling to prevent deterioration or rodent infestation. A clean roof looks cared for.

Power Wash Everything

No one wants to move into someone else’s dirt. This starts with the exterior of the house. If the exterior looks clean, potential buyers get the impression the interior is as clean or cleaner.

Power wash siding, fencing, walkways and walls. Not only will this get everything clean, it will expose areas that might need some attention before the open house such as painting a fence or fixing a cracked sidewalk.

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