5 Affordable Ways to Fix Up Your House Before Selling in Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town

The task of preparing a house for sale can leave some owners feeling overwhelmed and in need of a bit of guidance. To set you off in the right direction and get those juicy offers coming your way in no time, here are 5 affordable ways to fix up your house before selling in Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town .

Make Some Space

Before you start getting too involved with making adjustments and repairs, it’s helpful to clear things out in order to give yourself as much space as possible to work with. 

This is where the all-important process of decluttering every room and storage space will pay off. Decluttering means removing anything from a living area that isn’t necessary or immediately contributes to the visual aesthetic of the room. 

Decluttering storage spaces is done by removing everything from the closet or cabinet, separating one-half of the items to keep and the other to store elsewhere, and then following through with the storage plan. 

Once you clean out a storage area, you’d be surprised how quickly an obvious storage improvement plan pops into your head.

Paint in Neutral Tones

Taking the time to repaint your home in neutral colors can be one of the most useful things to do to fix up your house before putting your home up for sale. 

Any potential buyer that is touring your home is constantly thinking about if they could utilize any given living space, and how they could most effectively accomplish that. Distracting paint color choices can draw attention from this buyer function and likely make it more difficult for the next owner to paint over when they choose to do so in the future. 

It can be tempting to repaint in a trendy color scheme with fashionable accents, but this could easily backfire when you encounter a buyer who just isn’t into it.

Rethink Your Lighting

The way we implement lighting in our homes has come a long way over the last few years, and accent lights – both inside and outside the home – are seen as a big plus. 

Some inexpensive landscape lighting can add a layer of ambiance to walkways, while dimmable LED lighting can be installed over kitchen countertops with little time or money invested. 

If you’re looking to spend as little as possible, take the time to thoroughly clean your existing indoor light fixtures to get them looking their best.

Indulge Your Green Thumb

In some cases, a home’s interior may look great, but the outdoor features are leaving much to be desired in the curb appeal department. 

A quick trip to your local hardware store and a weekend outside can completely change that by replacing weed barriers and mulch in planters, clearing out drainage areas, or putting a simple, cheap potted plant on your front porch. 

This is an opportunity to get creative in order to generate more interest in your future home listing.


It isn’t just the green spaces that could use some attention, and a power washer is your best friend to get your home’s exterior looking spotless. 

Treating the siding and gutters with a house wash by following the directions on the container will allow any dirt and grime to come right off, and leave your home’s exterior looking shiny and amazing. The same can be done for the roof, but take extra care to not spray directly into any shingles so as to avoid both getting water underneath the shingles and causing damage, and always remember to wash from top to bottom. 

The final piece to this puzzle is to use a quality glass cleaner to wipe down your windows and leave them streak-free.

More Tips to Fix up Your House from Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick & Charles Town Pros

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